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Michael Sanchez has been working with clients in the architecture and homebuilding industries since 1991. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Design and Planning from the University of Colorado, he worked in architectural firms for 6 years. After discovering his passion for the specialty of illustration, he then went on to serve clients independently. He works directly with architects, developers, and home builders to help express in drawings the projects that are envisioned early in the design process. His skills in design often assist the client who might only come to the table with a crude idea and the need to communicate a grand vision.

Michael will start with meeting the client to learn all the information about the project. He will then return with a preliminary sketch of his rendering for the client’s review. The final illustration will be executed by hand in mixed media or a more conceptual watercolor original, whichever style is most appropriate for the project.

Mr. Sanchez takes pride in working in a more hands-on traditional style of illustration. He believes this enables him to understand the project more intimately, from its detailed design to its carefully selected materials and colors. He utilizes digital enhancement only in the final stages of the rendering. The hand-drawn rendering maintains the artistry that has always been a part of architectural illustration.

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